The Ribbons of Life

Long Island
Long Island, NY December 2016

The ribbons of moss 
hanging from the trees
They remind me of the ghost
who’s been watching me

her hair changed to ribbons 
like the seaweed
she found herself tangled in
until she was lost at sea

The ribbons of the clouds 
turned pink and purple
remind me of the mornings 
of longing, waiting by my window
for you to return to me
turning the morning into a
different kind of yearning

but this shall never be

The ribbons of the birds
as they search the southern sky
in silent formation
their bodies know the way
an ancient ritual
repeated annually
as thoughtless as infinity

an instinct followed blindly
much like I followed you

The ribbons of the fog 
as it obscures the night sky
like ghostly fingers 
come to steal starlight
drifting through the night 
on still silent wings
crossing impenetrable lines
with impudent demands

The ribbons of vessels 
running criss-cross through me
feel the absence of my heartbeat
moving blood along.
I am still breathing,
yes, this is true
but since you left me
my heart has gone still.